About Us

Melbourne handmade bags, made with joy and love.

Contact Us:

Mobile: 0402 137 201
Email: kathy@fatmummas.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fatmummas
Instagram: www.instagram.com/fatmummas
In-person: The Esplanade Market in St Kilda. 10am- 4pm every Sunday. Stall no: 78

The Fat Mumma's Story:

"Who is Fat Mumma's?" you ask yourself. Fat Mumma's is all-Australian handmade goods.  If you come down to the St. Kilda Esplanade market on any given Sunday, you may be lucky enough to see and maybe even touch those very hands that make the bags - depending on how tired I am. 
The business started in 2006.  Kathy Jenkins and Tracy Bell were sitting around, discussing world issues, when suddenly it dawned on them...There's money in them thar hills for hand-made goods, and we has got to get some of that!
Anyway, long story short, the GFC happened and there wasn't as much money as we thought.  Tracy followed another creative path that actually paid real money and Kathy continued on with the business - she's such a trooper.
Seriously, Fat Mumma's is about the joy of cutting into a roll of fabric and creating a product that people are proud to carry on their shoulders.  I continue to be thrilled that my customers love the products I make in my humble sewing room. 
The bags have developed over the years, and that is mainly due to customer input. Fat Mumma's uses only quality components including marine-grade vinyl, UV protective PVC, and industry standard zippers, buckles and strapping.

The names behind the bags:

 The Carmie

Carmie is my mum, my friend and the person who taught me to sew.  There was nothing she couldn't achieve with her Elna sewing machine. If she didn't have a pattern, she'd just make it up, whether it was an outfit for me or a fancy number for my Barbie doll. Over many coffees, Carmie and I designed this small, light-weight, over-the-shoulder range. She was so proud of the business and always wanting to know what I was making. I miss our conversations.
The Topsy

Aunty Topsy worked in some of the great Melbourne fabric shops - Rathdowne Remnants (when it actually was in Rathdowne Street, Carlton) and Michael's (used to be on the corner of Swanston and Bourke Street in the city). I spent half of my life (literally!) in fabric shops with Aunty Topsy and mum. She gave me my love of fabrics and I credit her for my sense of humour. This range is named after her because it's a bit of a topsy-turvey bag that can be worn either around the hips or over the shoulder. 
The Myra

Aunty Myra taught my mum to sew and gave me great guidance on my career decisions. A beautiful seamstress and always willing to share her knowledge.This is the original range I designed and named after Aunty Myra as the original teacher. 
Fat Mumma's thanks Tracy Bell for continuing to be a wonderful friend and supporter.